How to fold a fitted sheet

Tip #5

How many times have you attempted to fold a fitted sheet only to have it end up looking like a blob?  That has happened to me on numerous occasions and just leads to frustration.  I ran across this tutorial video giving step by step directions on how to correctly fold a fitted sheet.  I LOVED it!  It made perfect sense.  Here it is:  How to fold a fitted sheet.  Check it out.  Hopefully, it is one small tip that will make your life a little easier.

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image via Martha Stewart



Toothpaste- it cleans more than just your teeth

Tip #4  Useful purposes of toothpaste- who knew?  Check out this website that will give you cool tips on how to clean jewelry, carpet, water stains on wood, get crayons stains off painted walls and so much more.  Toothpaste to the rescue.  So put that toothpaste to good use.  I love finding useful tips that make my life easier- especially from items that I already have around the house.  

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Tip #3 Using household goods for a fire starter

Tip #3- Making fire starter 

Many of you go camping each summer/fall.  One thing a campsite always needs is a good fire starter.  Who knew using toilet tubes and lint could get the ball rolling.  Check out this site for a quick, easy tutorial.  Homemade Fire starter

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You can make several of these, package them up and give as gifts to friends of yours that go camping.  Ok, that’s my quick tip of the day.  Have fun and remember to always make sure those fires are put out properly.

Welcome to TipJoy

Welcome to my blog.  The purpose of this blog is to share tips with you that I hope will save you money, save you time and energy as well as make your life a little smoother.  Plus, I am currently taking a class that is challenging me with technology and I thought this was a great way to incorporate these goals together.  The plan is to share a few tips a week.  There may be weeks when   I blog about a lot of tips or things may be hectic at home and I am a little sluggish getting tips on the blog.  Regardless, I will attempt to be diligent in keeping this blog up to date.


Tip #1

For my first blog, I would like to share TWO tips with you.  The first one is a great tip for a recipe on making your own laundry detergent.  I must say that I was a bit skeptical on this one, but after having tried it, I LOVE it!  This recipe came from Mary Hunt.  You only need three ingredients.  It makes a lot.  This recipe is not messy at all and when all is said and done, each load will cost about 5 cents per load.  The following website is where this easy tutorial is located: Homemade Laundry Detergent

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Tip #2

Groovebook.  This is an app for iPad and iPhones.  You can also use this online if you download Google Play.  This is for my fellow scrapbookers.  We all know how expensive it can be to get those pictures developed.  This tip comes from my sister. You may have seen it on SharkTank.  Groovebook is a company that allows you to choose 100 pictures per month.  The pictures are shipped to you in this really cool book that has perforated edges.  This keeps your pictures together as well as allows you to tear out each picture when you are ready to use them.  Because they are bendable, this company is allowed to ship to their customers using Media Mail.  This cuts expenses down quite a bit.  You are getting 100 pictures and shipping is included for $2.99 per month.  You may stop your subscription at any time.  No obligation.

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With that being said, I am wrapping up my first day of tips.  Hope you enjoy them.  Look for more this week.  Feel free to share any tips you have as well.



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